Hello there


I am Lucas from Leipzig, Germany.

This my first blog post ever, so I don’t know what this blog will be in the future but for now it’s all about Photos I’ve taken.

For the photographs, I don’t have any favorite kind of photos I take. I just shoot whatever looks interesting for me.

And the writing part…I write in english because I’m just in the mood of writing in english right now but maybe I will change this in german later.

Enough words, here are a couple of my photos:


I simply call this one „Rust“. This decay is very fascinating in our „Hochganzwelt“, as they call it in Germany.



I love this cat. Well, I love all cats. But this one is a very special one.



That’s Budda. The only religious symbol worth following. And of course the flying spaghetti monster xD



This combination of green, white and yellow makes me always smile. It was taken on a cemetery.